Amna Zafar a Digital Entrepreneur Passes away

amna zafar passes away

Amna zafar. Earlier today, Pakistan digital media got a very sad news. amna zafar who was a digital entrepreneur passed away in the morning. she was admitted in hospital because of stomach pain.

Amna zafar was working to empower the users of Pakistan who were not knowing about how to transform their life in a better way. she was the CEO of SA developers and was running her own company.

Amna was very good nature girl, she always tried to help users by guiding them. Both offline and online she cooperated in every good cause. her last job was as a manager of company.

sometimes fame make people proud but this thing was totally wrong in her case. she was a wonderful person with lots of beautiful dreams.

She shared and supported every good cause that resulted in helping entrepreneurs. but sad thing is life is not fair with all. Rest in peace amna zafar.