Android App Development Learning Tutorial


Android App Development Learning Tutorial is going to show you how you can start with your first app. Mostly people ask this question, from where i can start to develop applications of android. i have no background of coding and android related stuff.

well answer is simple, in past years coding was too much difficult. as the time passed latest software made it easy for users to create android apps. here is what you need after learning some basics of coding.

The Android Software Development Kit (or SDK)

It is actually a collection of tools needed to make android software. Given below are the most helpful tools in software development kit.

Eclipse/Android Studio:

EclipseAndroid Studio

Normally you will see 2 integrated development environments (IDE) for android. an android is main program where you will write code and other things. it will help you to organize different parts of apps. you can say its a display part of app. you can test created app on emulator through this too.

Default one is Eclipse. it helps you to manage various parts of created app like modifying java and XML files. all the updates are also available in it so its easy for you to update.

Android studio is another alternative of it and google team regularly updates it. currently its in beta mode. if you are willing to skip the bugs then android studio is for you.

No matter which one you use these are filled with tons of sections and development powers. you will use them when you will really need them.

Here are some great tutorials where you can get started.

  • Android Developer Training: This part will help you to learn the basic features of IDE. you dont need to be expert in anything but it will help you to learn the tools.
  • Vogella: These sets of tutorials covers almost everything related to developement of tools. so you should give it a try.

More details will be in the next part of the post so stay tuned.


    • even if its drag and drop you will need to learn a little bit of its coding too. Edits need code even. so better to learn it then going for a drag and drop directly