Biggest Blogging Mistakes

biggest blogging mistakes

So today we are going to tell you biggest mistake made by bloggers. If you are thinking that your visitors will read your every page then it’s not true. Most of time 20 to 30 percent users skip topics and move to the topics they want.
That’s why you need to be stronger in writing content. Get good points from audience by providing them better and unique data.

People will buy on first visit

Make sure that u have credible website and targeted traffic. Both are very important for getting users and making sales.

After this please keep in mind that every one is not going to buy on first visit. Most people just visit and leave.

So first impression of the site should be the best. Give your audience a reason to bookmark you so they can come back later too.

Most of people do a research first about the product they want. So never assume that they will buy some thing from you on first visit.

If they liked your words about some product then they can join later to buy it too. Some people who didn’t have money in a time can come back to purchase later.

Give them a solid reason to return back

Can More Ads bring much money?

Some people get angry about a thing that they get good traffic per day. 70 to 80 percent of their sites are moving with advertisement places.

So first let people get a chance to look at your website. If you are affiliate marketer then show up these things first, better then making visitors mad about ad bombs.

You need their trust. Give them good information with facts and figures. By that way you can get good results.

It’s good to get an ad clicked by a valid way not by forcing them to dig it yeah?

Many people said that if they put many ads on first page the more they can get chance about ad to get clicked. On first places this seems true. But humans are visiting your site not bots. So this will make your audience bored. Result in loss of users and less a chance of re visiting users.

If you affiliate marketer then think as users are coming just to take information not to buy some thing from you. Deal with them in a good way. If you are well in getting trust then you can be more credible for them.

Web and Designing

Who don’t like attractive website? Hmm it’s true that most of users get stick to a website because of its awesome design.

Have you heard from any one about saying “I don’t care about site designing”? Of course No. Good designing is not less then a warm welcome indirectly.

Some webmaster starts to make their web design best and best even forget about content. So guy’s chill out and keep in mind you can update your website design later too. Web world is not about designing only.

Main thing is about driving traffic to your website. So just give a good look to website and move on. If you get that your site has ability to catch audience. Then don’t forget to update the design. Good lay out leads to good impact on mind about site credibility.

Simple and clear design is very good to be used. Too much designing can make users lost in just design while most of them search for content.

If you get bored about these things then use templates of websites. Make some changes and make them yours.

Fear of loss

I have seen many people who are afraid to move forward. They create website and also add good content. But get bored about advertising their website having fear in mind that may be they will waste time in which they can do other things.

If you are thinking so then it’s totally wrong. SEO and advertising are the most important things for websites. If you are not going to do so how people will reach you? So don’t get stuck with these things.

Some people have fear that they may have done many mistakes. So they are afraid to let their site advertise much because they will get negative results or comments. Oh come on if you are thinking so then its important for you to know that mistakes make you learn many things. No one will come out from pc to kill you about mistakes loll.

These are the main reason sites fail to get good rank and users. But if you want to jump to good place then you need to workout.

I done many mistakes too while managing this websites work. But I also love to get some pinching words from users. Why? Because that is the only thing keeps me alive.