How to Create and Manage website using SEO techniques

Create and manage website using SEO

Creating a Website is the very first step for building up a business online. SEO is almost as important as creating a website. So you want to create your own website, but you are not clear on the right way to start yeah?

First you need to know something before moving on with learning.

Do you need a blog or a simple static website? If you want to make money online and you like this work then what is the best way to begin?

We will guide you step by step with the website building process

Well we can move to a little background of web and its history, so that you can have better understanding of what you are going to do.

Static HTML Website

Years ago this was the only way to create a website, but now in these days you will see many more options,

You can learn html for coding  website pages by hand for example, in notepad , WordPad , dream weaver and upload them on your server through any ftp program.

Well this is not any easy way to make a website. I tried with it and it took my 6 months to create a good website. Well busy days busy life no time to waste. So you can try with website creating tools or software’s to create a good website like dream weaver, web page maker v2.0 are very good software’s to create a website in very fast way.

It’s very simple and easy. Simply create website in software, get it from your desktop and upload it to your website server. Your site is ready to go!!!


It’s not only with you, all need to know these things before creating a website.

So first you need a domain name like I have and you need hosting for it so you can put files there. We are linked with Sudoly hosting

If you are expert or good in html then you can download custom and free html templates from Google and edit it to make it perfect for you.


This is the most popular way used today. WordPress is a powerful content management system that lets you quickly and easily create website with a commenting functionality and with support of many plug-ins.

WordPress is open source system and it has hundreds of free plug-ins that you can use to update your website. For example, if you’d like to add a face book button to all your pages, you simply install a free plug-in and you are done.

To create your site with WordPress, simply install WordPress on urn hosting. Almost all web hosts have a wordpress script installer with hosting and domain. Simply login to the admin panel, choose a theme and begin writing your content. This is definitely the easiest and fastest way to begin

WordPress is typically known as a blogging platform, because its method of use is totally like blogs. But if you don’t want blogging to be the primary function of your site, then you can disable comments or arrange your site in a way that minimizes the blog look and feel. It’s very flexible cool and fast.

Now I used WordPress for my site. I update this site daily with gossips and updates regarding Internet marketing, making money, etc.

Some people find WordPress a bit unapproachable at first, which is why I developed a tutorial that will help guide you along.

Some General Blogging Tips & Experience

I was moving on with blogger from long time. I love blogger service because it’s good to start with something. Nice platform and easy way to handle make blogger special. But 2 years ago I felt that I need to do something more.

I need some platform that grows with my work too. Then I thought to try with WordPress. It was simple to use and easy to install having many things like plug-ins etc. It’s not about that I hate blogger service. But that time I was very serious about my work. I was working hard to make my content more developed. That just made me to move to WordPress.

I can see tons of plug-ins. And well its open source, developers are constantly creating plug-ins more useful for blogs.

Now if you are thinking what is a plug-in then I am going to tell you something. It’s simply a script you can install to add extra function to your blog. WordPress have plug-in directory for that. You can choose the best one and add it. Here is plug-in directory with a list of all free and useful plug-ins.

Now if you want that search engines catch your website and paste the content in search. Then you can add a sitemap. It’s also in plug-in directly and totally free. SEO plug-ins helps your website to make it friendlier with search engines.

Ok, how it feels when you type smiles codes and they turn into emotions automatically? Of course it’s cool. So there is no need to add some extra image inserts. WordPress is providing a better option in settings for that .Actually also there is a problem I was facing to move my blog from to WordPress. FTP setup was not fine with blogger.

It always feels good when you do hard work and also its so comforting to know that your content is on with you not on some other server. (That can face any issue too)

Well if you have a blog and need to move it to WordPress. You can use simple import feature of WordPress and move all data instantly with all posts and comments. Everything including images and videos came over with just fine format.

Before you start import process make sure you change Blogger’s archive to no archive. WordPress was only importing first post of every month with that error.

If you are thinking about losing your blog feeds subscribers, then no need to worry more. If you are using FeedBurner service then there is never an issue about it.

If you don’t have any service then no need to worry. Blogger allows you to redirect your feeds to some other URL. So all the traffic will be move to new one.

Now the other problem is how you will move your all blogger traffic to your other site? No need to worry about it there are hundreds of way to move traffic. By using redirection links, by using htaccess methods and many more.

So if you are looking for blogging then I will recommend you WordPress. Blogs are getting much famous and fast in now a day.

If you don’t have your own domain name to use this. You can host your web on their site too, but it’s very good to put your content on your own website. Hosting is very cheap and now a day’s students can also afford it. It’s good to give a professional look to your site by making itself hosted blog.

Search engine love more and more content. So it’s up to you how much rich content you can feed them.