PlayStation 5: not surprisingly, Sony will not announce it at E3

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Sony has confirmed to Game Industry that it does not intend to go to E3 this year, as in 2019. The PS5 should be announced at an independent event.

Sony Playstation 5 News

Sony still sulks the E3. After having decided not to participate in the big video game fair in 2019, the Japanese have just announced to GameIndustry that its big return will not take place in 2020. It is therefore very likely that the PlayStation 5 will be announced during a separate event in the coming months.

Where will the PS5 be announced?

A big E3 star for years, Sony decided to gain independence last year. This new strategy allows the Japanese to play the elitist card but also to better control their communication. Its major announcements no longer respond to a specific schedule and Sony is the only master of its conferences, like Apple.

Logically, the launch of the PS5 should not delay any longer. If Sony wants to cut the grass under the foot of E3, there is a good chance that the next PlayStation will be presented shortly before the Los Angeles show. The only difference is that, this time, Sony will control its entire organization.

Sony Events

To justify its absence from E3, Sony says it plans to participate in “hundreds of mainstream events to present the upcoming games on PS4 and PS5” in 2020. The prestige of E3 is therefore called into question by the company which clearly intends to make it compete. For its part, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be present this year.

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