Apple iPhone 12 fingerprint reader to eliminate notch

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This is Apple iphone 10 design

Patents from the LetsGoDigital site reveal that Apple has developed a camera system under the screen. Rumor has it that the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro would abandon Face ID and revive Touch ID.

In recent weeks, a funny rumor keeps coming up. Apple is preparing to resuscitate its Touch ID fingerprint sensor and could even abandon Face ID, its 3D facial recognition system introduced in 2017. Patents obtained by the Dutch site LetsGoDigital are going precisely in this direction, Apple would have developed an invisible front camera, hidden under the screen.

Goodbye the notch, welcome back to the Finger Print Reader

Imagine Apple abandoning Face ID three years after its introduction is surprising. The facial recognition system has faults (it cannot distinguish twins for example) but has rather convinced its users. Its speed of execution and its transparency are regularly praised and do not really regret Touch ID.

If one relies on the information recovered by certain analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo, by the media Economic Daily News or if one considers the patents flushed out by LetsGoDigital, Apple could however go in the opposite direction.

Camera and Features

There is a simple reason for this, the TrueDepth camera of the iPhone makes it mandatory to have a notch at the top of the screen. To get rid of it and offer a truly edge-to-edge screen, Apple would have no choice but to remove all of these sensors. Of course, remember that many patents never become products. So you have to take it all with tweezers.

this is iphone 12 fingerprint option

To unlock your iPhone 12 Pro (the classic iPhone 12 would keep the design of the iPhone 11, and therefore Face ID), you would have to use its fingerprint. The Touch ID sensor would return under the screen, most likely in a very large area thanks to the new sensor that Qualcomm presented at the end of the year. That’s good, Apple and Qualcomm have just rewired.

A camera under the screen

The patent unearthed by LetsGoDigital reveals the use of a technology not really new, the camera under the screen. As Oppo and Xiaomi have already shown in the past, this makes the front camera of a smartphone invisible. As a result, the screen can occupy the entire surface of the device. Apple could be the first brand to market a smartphone with such a design, its Chinese competitors are still in the prototype stage.

Note in passing that this is not the first time that an Apple patent goes in this direction. In January 2017, almost three years ago, we were talking about a patent, filed in 2015, which described a micro-perforated panel to allow the operation of a camera under the screen.

Iphone 12 Release Date

Still a crucial question, is Apple ready to eliminate a technology like Face ID, yet so innovative? The company would therefore end up with Mac, iPad and iPhone 12 Pro that you unlock with your finger and iPad Pro and iPhone that you unlock with your face.

It is not certain that these inconsistencies suit the Californian company that we always know very picky – even if at the present time the iPhone 8, still sold by Apple, has a classic Touch ID button . Other rumors suggest that Apple would offer both Face ID and Touch ID to its users, but is it possible without a notch? The answer in nine months

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