Google Assistant Stadia Exclusive games 4k and New Features

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Google Assistant Stadia Exclusive games 4k and New Features. Here are some big updates. On its forum, Google unveils Stadia’s calendar for the next three months. In 2020, the cloud gaming service will host 120 games.

Behind the Scenes

The launch of Stadia certainly did not meet Google’s expectations. Still incomplete, the cloud-gaming service disappointed on many aspects such as its very limited catalog or its obligation to use a Chromecast Ultra to benefit from the full experience.

In a post posted on its community forum, Google unveils some new features for Stadia. These are expected to arrive in the next three months.

Stadia on the web will improve

In the first quarter of 2020, Stadia plans to launch four new functions. On the web, it should be possible to play in 4K, use Google Assistant to navigate the menus, and use your Stadia wireless controller. On smartphones, Pixels will no longer be the only Stadia compatible mobiles since other Android devices will become eligible.

Over 120 games in 2020

Google also takes the opportunity to reassure on the Stadia catalog. In the first half of the year, a dozen exclusive games should land on its platform. Throughout 2020, 120 games should be added to the brand’s catalog. Now let’s hope that the technical problems are quickly corrected.

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