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No Doubt Honor9x is still leading as best phone with tough competition. Succeeding the iconic Honor 8X, the 9X is the latest addition to one of the most attractive ranges of the Chinese brand. With its small adjustments and a fairly slight hardware evolution, does this smartphone have the assets to convince? Our opinion, tests to support it.

Huawei Honor 9X Reviews and Details

With its X range, Honor promises to provide a richly equipped smartphone for less than 250 euros. In this regard, the 9X does not lie and seems ready to give the opportunity to the brand to make volume on this end of 2019.

Launched a few weeks ago, this mobile will however have to deal with an unprecedented proliferation of models affordable in the mid-range segment. Especially since it does not seem to offer an original function or one that would make a difference (killer feature) for consumers, except for its screen completely devoid of notch.

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A design marked by the absence of notch

When viewed from a distance, this Honor 9X seems to be the typical robot portrait of the smartphone of 2019. It displays a large borderless screen, wears a (now classic) blue dress with reflections that does not fail to make the phone very conspicuous and its triple camera module – positioned vertically – is located on the upper left corner of the back shell. Three elements common to many mobiles released this year or even at the end of 2018.

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It is necessary to approach to understand what makes the substance of this mobile: its screen is devoid of any notch. The manufacturer has indeed hidden the front camera of the smartphone in a small module – we speak of a pop-up camera – whose mechanical opening takes a little more than a second.

The front camera only lifts when activated in the camera app or from any third-party app. This feature is quite rare at this price level. This design reminds us of the Huawei P smart Z, the smartphone that served as its model.

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At the price it is offered, this Honor 9X can not in any case embark the best of the latest generation technology. Do not count on a fingerprint reader hidden under the screen (it is impossible in view of the screen technology used), we unlock the mobile by placing his finger on the sensor on the back of the device.

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The very good news about this Honor 9X is that it evolves on a fundamental point compared to the Honor 8X: the charging port. Indeed, the brand has got rid of the aging micro USB connection, offering this terminal a USB-C port. A jack is also there, for those who still swear by wired headphones.

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In terms of handling, the Honor 9X is rather pleasant to handle with its slightly curved back on the edges, but its shell is very messy and does not seem to incorporate anti-fingerprint treatment. Too bad for this glass effect back which reveals a nice textured X depending on the angle from which it is observed.

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An LCD panel that lacks a bit of brightness

At this price level, do not expect to come across an OLED screen. It’s a 6.59 inch LCD panel that fits here. Since the notch has disappeared, this screen takes advantage of it to occupy 84.1% of the facade.

Our laboratory measured a maximum brightness of 403 cd / m², a somewhat weak result compared to the most seasoned competitors including the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro which reached 838 cd / m² (test to come), and a contrast ratio, good but fairly classic, from 1412: 1.

As is often the case with Huawei and Honor mobiles, the color fidelity is rather average with a Delta E of 6.86. Fortunately, it is possible to adjust the colorimetry of the screen from the settings and to obtain a much more faithful rendering (Delta E 3.03) by selecting the profile “Normal” then the profile entitled “Warm”.

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Convincing performance

To animate the mobile, Honor has chosen to integrate a Kirin 710F chip associated with 4 GB of RAM and a significant internal storage of 128 GB. This chip represents the mid-range of the Kirin catalog and therefore does not do this Honor 9X war lightning.

Its performance is however sufficient for daily use and for having fun on relatively resource-intensive 3D games. Those who are looking for an ever more fluid experience will have to put their hands in the wallet and choose, from Honor or Huawei, a mobile phone equipped with a Kirin 980 SoC that is much more powerful. Note that the interface offers a fairly smooth navigation.

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A triple camera module with no particular flavor

As for the photographic part, the Honor 9X does not make big promises. However, there is a triple module that includes a main 48-megapixel sensor (with lens aperture associated with f / 1.8), an 8-megapixel sensor dedicated to ultra wide-angle and a last 2 megapixel for depth effects.

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As for the photographic part, the Honor 9X does not make big promises. However, there is a triple module that includes a main 48-megapixel sensor (with lens aperture associated with f / 1.8), an 8-megapixel sensor dedicated to ultra wide-angle and a last 2 megapixel for depth effects.

Regarding the ultra-wide-angle lens, it is also quite effective during the day, but you should not zoom too much into the image, at the risk of observing the textures of the scene too frankly. At night, it loses interest with an even more slobbering effect and very little image detail.

Average autonomy

On the endurance side, the Honor 9X is good, but would almost disappoint us. This is explained by the fact that it has a high capacity 4000 mAh battery. but achieves the same results as most smartphones. We note in particular that its autonomy is a little less good than on the Honor 8X even when the mobile benefits from an additional 250 mAh.


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