How to increase BlueStack RAM size Upto 1.8 GB

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increase bluestack ram clash of clan

To increase the ram size of bluestack upto 1.8 GB you need to do very simple steps. Now a days biggest problem is that bluestack freeze and makes your desktop hang. this problem is because of very less amount of RAM is assigned to it.

Steps of increasing Ram of Bluestack

Few things you should keep in mind. First is, you should have at-least more then 1 GB of Ram. Bluestack takes very limited amount of memory from computer. the amount of memory it takes for bluestacks is 739 Mb.

As we know Bluestack is a virtual program to run android apps on computer. Android Ram don’t take that much on ram in mobiles. in computer you can increase that amount so apps can run smoothly.

Before increasing the Size of RAM you should check amount of RAM first. install Smart system app to check all details.

How to increase the size of RAM in BlueStacks

Step 1: Move to this folder C:\Program Files\BlueStacks and run the file “HD-Quit.exe” to stop all BlueStacks services and processes.

How to increase the size of RAM in BlueStacks (3)

Step 2: open Run window by pressing windows logo key + R button, a dialog box will open. Type Regedit in it and press enter.

regedit window

Step 3 : Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android

How to increase the size of RAM in BlueStacks (5)

Step 4: on right side panel click on memory section that will open a window. simply change the value from 300 to 1024. click on Decimal and click ok.

Regedit decimal value

Thats all, You are Ready to use with new Ram limit.

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