DropBox Hacked Leaking 68 Million users passwords on internet

Dropbox users hacked

Dropbox today has been hacked and resulted in leaking of 68 million users ids and password on the internet. Dropbox team asked users to change the passwords immediately.

Actually this hacking or leakage took place in year 2012 according to the Dropbox team but today someone leaked all the data online. so if someone never changed password then its time for them to change it.

how hackers reached to the database? first they hacked an employers of Dropbox id and then gained access to the database.

Online security researchers confirmed that all the data leaked is real. so users have to change their passwords to keep themselves safe. here is what Dropbox team said about it previously before accepting a full hack.

“This is not a new security incident, and there is no indication that Dropbox user accounts have been improperly accessed,” Patrick Heim, head of trust and security at Dropbox.”

Dropbox team detected this hack while performing security checks on database and found someone else accessed the data.

dropbox data hacked

Half of the Dropbox users passwords were still encrypted with SHA1. almost all the big companies do password encryption method so even if anyone get hack database then they struggle to decode data from it.

its not very easy to decode encrypted data at least a big headache for starters. so if you are using Dropbox then please change your password and stay safe.