How to remove facebook inbox link virus


Many users these days are facing inbox link virus problem in Facebook. if you see any link in your pvt chat with your picture and video Do NOT click that link. else it will spread and will be send to all your contact list.

Facebook recommend you to do these things to remove virus from your computer.

” Using your desktop computer, follow these 4 steps:
  1. Change your Facebook password.
  2. Scan your computer. Sometimes one virus scan might not be able to fix the problem, so we’ve partnered with F-Secure, Trend Micro and Microsoft to help. Even if you already have anti-virus software on your computer, we recommend using our free scanners too:
  3. Upgrade your computer’s browser. Current versions of browsers have built-in security protection. Facebook supports:
  4. Remove any suspicious browser add-ons.
Often when you have malware your account is used to like many Pages and follow a lot of people on Facebook. We recommend reviewing your recent account activity from your activity log. From here, you can delete anything you didn’t mean to post and unfollow any people or Pages you didn’t mean to follow.”
facebook inbox link virus

Some Other Tips:

  • Simply go to google chrome extensions settings and if you find any suspicious extension you should remove it. clean your computer from virus because Trojans and other virus software can create this problem too.
  • Tell your friends about this virus so they can know you are not sending them video links
  • clear your browser cookies and cache

Spread the word and save others.