How to Secure Computer From Getting Hacked and Online Scripts


If you are worried about computer security and hackers are disturbing you then this article is for you. now a days hackers try a lot to steal data with online scripts, specially Facebook users.

Some hackers try to hack through fake web pages. means in simple words they create a webpage exactly which look like a page of Facebook or Google and they add a login box on it.

when a user write his id and password on it hackers receive it in their emails so they can easily change your password or easily hack id. this is basic method that is being used by new hackers.

Other method is through Trojan hacking and its more dangerous. because in this method hacker send a jpeg, png or exe looking like file to the victim and if he open it his whole computer get hacked.

Hackers can see your full computer and also can download all files from your computer. Rat tools like Cerberus and cyber-gate etc which are 3rd party tools do these tasks. even a user can be seen through webcam with it.

Privacy matters a lot to an online user so do you like if someone else start using your computer? of course no.

So how to prevent hacking:

Simple answer to this question is never open a fake web page or if you open a page which is not linked to Facebook, Google or authentic website then do not write your password their. never ever write your Facebook or google password on third party website.

in case of Trojan hacking security you need to install good antivirus on your computer. before opening scan the file for viruses. and do not open insecure applications. other thing you can do if you dont have antivirus on your computer is, you can scan file for virus online with Virustotal website.

This website scans file with more then 40 antiviruses so its fully secure. that’s all for now see ya stay secure 🙂