5G: the US government organizes its companies to counter Huawei

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Worried about Huawei’s ties to the Chinese military as well as the quality of its 5G solutions, the Trump government is aligning AT&T, Dell, Microsoft and others to develop a domestic 5G offering.

US Government issues

The US government is organizing its response to 5G: worried by Huawei’s dominance, the White House is putting its technological champions in battle order to develop hardware and software solutions that will allow it to develop an almost 100% domestic 5G offer, such as reports the Wall Street Journal.

“Almost” because the champions Ericsson (Sweden) and Nokia (Finland), who together account for 29.5% of the global telecom equipment market, are part of the project. Partly because they come from allied countries, and secondly because they are well established in the USA both in terms of the market and the number of r & d sites on site.

National Economic Council

According to Larry Kudlow, chairman of the National Economic Council who reports to the White House Executive Office – and Donald Trump’s chief economic advisor – Michael Dell (founder of Dell) is a strong supporter of the project and is already working hand in hand with Microsoft to develop the software building blocks necessary for 5G.

A defensive position insofar as Huawei already has these bricks, but nevertheless aggressive since it is as much a question of protecting itself from possible espionage or control of the network by a company which would have links with the Chinese government, as of fight against the technological rise of the Chinese giant.

Even if the United States arrives at their ends and to protect their market, several experts recognize however that it will take time to develop this 5G solution “homemade” and that even so, it would have at least two years of technological delays on Huawei . According to sources in the Wall Street Journal, the US government hopes the 5G “made in the USA” system will be operational within 18 months.

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