Breaking: NSA is no longer authorized to spy US citizens

NSA spying

NSA is no longer authorized to spy US citizens. US senate failed to pass legislation about country spy agencies (NSA) resulting in stop extending their services to collect data of American citizens.

Extension is blocked by Rand Paul (a senator). With that NSA is no longer authorized to collect US citizen’s data or phone records etc.

It also means that Federal bureau of investigation (FBI) will not be able to handle wiretap orders for terrorism suspects who are linked to group, or court order to secure some records etc for investigation.

Some companies are expecting relief after blockage of Patriot Act service. It is likely to be succeeded by USA freedom act which do not allow huge data collection.

But this act allow intelligence agencies like NSA to request data for companies, any person or device details to prove that some entity is linked to external sources or not.

Actually the main scene behind is it audience. They really don’t want that companies spy on them. Recently many rallies and other gatherings were there to shout about “SPYING” issue.

Users care about privacy and don’t want any company to collect their data. But on the other hand it’s also important to keep people safe from terrorist activities and other threats.

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