Fortnite Update Date & Time V11.30 – Server Downtime, Patch notes and leaks Christmas

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Fortnite v11.30 Update

Here are Some Fortnite Updates News.

Recently in blog posts EPIC announced about Delay of Fortnite Chapter2, Season 1. So that means there are going to be
lots of new features to unwrap including rewards and game updates.

In Major updates Fortnite Starwar Events are coming too but those will co me after next fortnite update. well we hope it will not be like Harpoon gun update for Fortnite battle Royale players.

Fortnite Update:

Epic Games Recently announced in tweet about Fortnite stating that next patch will v11.30. But they didnot announced about the updates clearly about new items or guns.

Fornite players were always complaining about adding new items to games. but lets see what comes with new season.

New skins, New challenges, loading screens and Christmas Fornite event is coming with that too.

Fornite Servers Downtime:

This is Fortnite Server Downtime image

For ET (9 AM UTC) for the v11.30 update Fortnite servers will be offline. we can expect a downtime of 2 hours atleast.

Lets wait and watch what comes from the team
Heavy Assault Rifle was updated with new look that was from chapter 1. it will be added in game with update hopefully.

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