Google Marketing Certificate on digital garage is being offered


So its a great news for google lovers. Their team is offering Google Marketing certificate to users who will complete the course through digital garage. this course is totally free and you will not pay a single penny. like Udacity and Coursera google is following with new course scheme.

for sure you can try it and its worth completing. you can add it later to your CV and it will be a plus point for you.

Digital Garage offers these courses

  • Building a web presence
  • Using search to get noticed/discovered
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media presence
  • Getting discovered on social media
  • Online advertisement
  • Building an online store

Get Google Marketing Certificate

These courses are for startups, new users and entrepreneurs. it will help you to improve your business presence. there are total of 22 lessons in this course which is provided by Google in partnership of Interactive Advertising Bureau.

You can check Digital Garage Course here. before you start work get yourself prepared.