How to unlock iphone 6 and 6 plus

iphone 6 unlocking

How to unlock iphone 6 and 6 plus full guide is here. There are 3 main methods to unlock iphone 6 or plus i.e, hardware unlocking, software unlocking and IMEI unlocking. normally its too hard to do software unlocking and most of these are scam.

Hardware unlocking can ruin your phone and it can void the warranty of android cellphone. The only method that can unlock your mobile safely is with an IMEI unlock method. by this way you will be connected to Apple’s Global servers and its available on all carriers. you can change carriers without extra fee.

From the 11 IMEI Unlock providers we have tested few of them and its depends on location too. if your phone is locked to the career belongs to UK, USA or canada then you can use IPhoneIMEI. They have good range of products and also cheap once.

if your phone is locked outside UK, USA etc then you can use OfficialIPhoneUnlock. they have a very huge range and strong support system but little bit costly. so choose wisely and depends on you how much you can afford.

so if you need my suggestion then software and hardware unlocking both are dangerous. iphone 6 hardware unlocking may work but having a big chance of your cell phone to die. later you can get heating issues etc too. so better to go for the option 3 which is network unlock or IMEI unlocking. which is safest method known yet.

Have fun with unlocked iphone6.