Pokemon Go Earns 10 Million daily with 500 million downloads

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pokemon earns 10 million daily

So Finally Pokemon is leading in games with 10 million earning daily and a total of 500 million downloads. people are loving this game and enjoying it daily. since it was launched in July its users are rapidly increasing. so Apple has decided that they will launch Apple watch having Pokemon Go in it.

As most of us know that Pokemon Go is banned in Iran and also got a fatwa against it from Saudi clerics declaring it haram. but the world seems to be in love with this game and having millions of downloads.

Pokemon Go wrist accessory will be available from September. its cost will be around 34.99 $. At the launch of Apple iphone 7 company stated that Pokemon Go is a major success and its downloads in apple store are increasing day by day.

pokemon go wristAs for now game worth is $29 billion with $3 million a day in app purchases. Pokemon Go earns $10 millions daily.

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